• Frank Straetmans

    Managing Director
    "We are an organisation packed with extremely talented people who are passionate about our business and thrive on challenging objectives. I can be confident of flawless execution so this allows me to constantly explore new and exciting opportunities."

  • Nick Howitt

    Newstrade Marketing Director

    “From model trains and cross-stitching to Lamborghini’s and Jimmy Choos, publishing’s a mad world, but Frontline’s a jewel of sanity that holds it all together.”

  • Greg Hayden

    Group Information Services Director

    “People at Frontline work at the forefront of developments across the industry, pushing the boundaries and introducing innovation which helps our partners outperform the competition.”

  • Mark Churchill

    Group Supply Chain Director

    “Frontline is all about working with the most talented people who create a positive, fun, environment which delivers success through innovation and a can-do attitude!”

  • Sara Pickersgill

    Financial Controller

    “It’s a fantastically rewarding place to work, very lively and forward-thinking. People here really support and inspire each other, and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of that.”

  • Phil Melling

    National Accounts Director

    “British retailers are some of the best in the world. Working along side them is an exciting and challenging environment for all of the retail team with no two days ever the same.”

  • Fiona Winchester

    Head of HRD

    “Any HR professional’s dream – a business which is fast paced, innovative and understands the importance of people and the difference they make.”