with Sara Pickersgill

Focus more on delivering our ambitions for the future

Yes, like any finance team, we deliver on a daily basis all those critical tasks such as collecting cash from our customers, paying our suppliers, fulfilling the requirements of HMRC and Companies House and reporting to the business on our financial position. And as a business which manages the distribution chain on behalf of our shareholders’, we need to ensure that the transactional information we provide to our shareholders is robust and that we, and our suppliers, charge correctly for our services.

Like the Roman God Janus, our team looks both to the past and the future. We regularly revisit our core processes to look for efficiencies so that we can spend less time on historical transactions and focus more on delivering our ambitions for the future. We support the business in various ways. Sometimes this is in the form of analytical support or advising on cost or accounting implications; sometimes it’s about offering first-line legal support; often it requires changes to our processes. This means we need to be adaptable and flexible to business needs, and so we work closely with the business teams and our technology specialists to find the right balance of delivering a workable solution whilst maintaining the fundamental integrity of our transactions.

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