Stephen Whitehouse

Information Services

Describe a typical working day?

Never boring and no two days are ever the same.  I normally get in early so that I can have a quiet coffee and plan the day; followed by more coffee.  My day mainly consists of ensuring that our enterprise data model (the database design that our systems use) is up to date and then to design and help build any new requirements that the business needs.  I also design and build the processes which put data into our data warehouse and ensure that we have an up to date team plan.

What’s the highlight of your job so far?

I’ve been nominated twice for our “Frontliner of the Year” award – something I’m really proud of.

Describe what it’s like to work at Frontline/What do you enjoy most about working at Frontline?

I’m always busy. I do spend part of my day speaking to different people in the business getting to know what Information Systems need to do to help out to make their life easier – from a systems point of view!  I do enjoy the challenges that get raised; helping input into the design of the system or process changes we need to make.  As we are a fast moving business we are often improving and changing what and how we do things.

I always find that Frontline people are easy to talk to; I find that people want to help each other and get the most out of what we do every day.

How did you get your job/how did you find out about your job?

I used to work near Peterborough and knowing someone who worked here, had heard about the company.  I moved away from Peterborough for another job but when a friend of mine told me that Frontline were recruiting for IT people I applied for the job – the rest, as they say, is history!

Why did you join Frontline?

I knew people that worked at Frontline previously and had moved into other roles; they said that Frontline was a great place to work and encouraged me to join.

What’s the first magazine you bought and why?

Autocar & Motor – I still read almost every issue when I get the time – I love the whole car / technology side even if I would never be able to buy one.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Rocket scientist – no seriously I really wanted to be a mad scientist – I ended up being a computer nerd!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love reading, going for walks, studying (I’m studying for a Physics degree with the Open University) and messing around with technology – I am a computer geek after all!

What’s your favourite Frontline memory?

I remember going for a team day out and part of the day was quad biking; everyone had a go even the people who can’t drive which ended up with some accident involving a tangle of fences, hedges and quad bikes.